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Notice Regarding Scripture

Please note that each sermon provides scripture verses from the English Standard Version (ESV). The ESV passages are for your reference only. KPCoW recommends and uses the NRSV or, in the alternative, the NIV.

Lectionary Readings


Display #
Study DateTitleScriptureTeacher
Aug 20, 2017Was Christ in Charlottesville?Matthew 15:21-28Elder Tom Buchanan
Aug 13, 2017When We SinkMatthew 14:22-33Pastor Ellen Chang
Aug 6, 2017Freedom From FearRomans 8:31-39Dr. Michael Gillern
Aug 5, 2017Reservoir of TruthProverbs 4:23Dr. Michael Gillern
Aug 5, 2017Freedom From DiscouragementRomans 8:18-30Dr. Michael Gillern
Aug 5, 2017Freedom From DefeatRomans 8:5-17Dr. Michael Gillern
Aug 4, 2017Freedom From JudgmentRomans 8:1-4Dr. Michael Gillern
Jul 30, 2017The ParalyticLuke 5:17-26Rev. Bobby Oh
Jul 23, 2017The Wheat and the WeedsMatthew 13:24-43Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Jul 16, 2017Are We Listening?Matthew 13:1-9Elder Jenny Lee
Jul 9, 2017The MissionActs 4:5-33Pastor Ellen Chang
Jul 2, 2017Commitment of MissionMark 16:15-16Rev. Jae H. Chung
Jun 25, 2017What Can the Chosen Choose?Romans 6:1-11Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Jun 18, 2017Your Father KnowsMatthew 6:25-34Pastor Ellen Chang
Jun 11, 2017The Triune God2Corinthians 13:11-13Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Jun 4, 2017When the Spirit Rests on ThemNumbers 11:24-30Rev. Dr. Jonah So
May 28, 2017Resurrection PlanningActs 1:6-14Rev. Dr. Jonah So
May 21, 2017Resurrection SecurityActs 17:22-31Rev. Dr. Jonah So
May 14, 2017Resurrection CourageActs 7:55-60Rev. Dr. Jonah So
May 7, 2017Resurrection CommunityActs 2:42-47Rev. Dr. Jonah So